RSVP Or You’ll Regret It

So you’ve been invited somewhere – great! Now, your host wants to know if you’ll be there. Yes, we’re about to talk about RSVPs.

Put simply, you need to do it. If someone takes the time to invite you somewhere, you need to let them know whether you are coming or not and in a timely fashion. There’s typically a date they’d like to know by.

Let’s discuss why you have to do this: Food and space. Your host would like to make sure they have enough of both. Imagine the horror of having food for 20 people, but 50 show up. You’d talk about that host like a dog if you had to fight another guest over a chicken wing. A deathmatch over a morsel of food is never a good look.  

Also, did they invite just YOU or your posse too? If it was just you, then just YOU need to RSVP and show up. They didn’t budget to feed you and your homies, so don’t ask if they can come. Trust that your host has taken the time to be thoughtful enough to invite people with whom you’d like to converse.  

Whether it’s a wedding, dinner party, or a house party – let your host know whether you are coming or not. I think people get confused about the “not coming” part. No matter what, you MUST tell your host SOMETHING. If your host has to track you down and ask you, you are a schmuck. There’s no way around it. You aren’t that important. You aren’t that busy. No one is too busy for good manners. Not me. Not you.