About Manners & Merlot

My goal with Manners & Merlot is to teach people to love wine and build their confidence around it. After one of my wine events, I hope that people feel self-assured in their wine knowledge and won’t be intimidated in settings where wine is served or discussed. I empower participants with knowledge so that the next time they encounter wine, whether that be at a tasting counter, a wine store, or even a party, they will feel confident enough to ask for what they want in a vino. 

My wine events are fun and interactive, as well as informative. It’s an intimate setting and a judgement-free zone where I discuss wine and share about how it relates to what you’re eating. Each event is customized to your tastes and preferences, giving you the chance to use this knowledge in settings that are familiar to you. 

Where I differ from someone else coming to your home for a wine event: I AM NOT TRYING TO SELL ANYTHING! That’s right! I bring the food, wine, tablecloths, plates, utensils, etc. But what I don’t bring to you is a sales pitch. I will tell you where you can purchase the wine and how much you can expect to pay for it. But I am not there to sell you or your guests wine. My tastings are not branded and no company is giving me a kickback for anything I present. I have certain brands I love (hello, Kim Crawford!), but that’s personal preference and recommending them doesn’t benefit me in any way. If this changes, that’s something I’ll disclose.  

So if you’d like to know what to do when approaching a tasting counter, or how to tell if wine is good quality, or how to describe wines, reach out to me. I’d love to plan your next gathering! Whether you want a wine and cheese event for a book club gathering or a 7-course meal with all the pairings – I can do it all and anything in between.