Meet Tierra

My name is Tierra and I love all things wine and etiquette related. Two seemingly unrelated concepts come together because these are the things my friends were always asking me for advice about. So, I combined my two loves and Manners & Merlot – the blog – was born. I’ve been to somewhere near 100 wineries and have taken lots of classes and seminars on wine and winemaking. I also worked at a winery as a wine educator.

My experiences with wine have been varied and interesting, to say the least. At some wineries, I had a wine educator who was more than happy to speak with me about what they were pouring, recommending food pairings and sharing knowledge about the winery. At others, I had educators who would simply pour the wine and tell me the notes were on the tasting sheet, never interacting with me. I always wished for a wine experience where I could sip in the company of friends, facilitated by someone who was engaging and fun and most of all, interested in sharing their love of wine. So I became that person! 

I cook, I plan events, I write, and anything else necessary to get the job done. By day, I am in sales. But my passion is wine.