Pairs Well With Life: Amicone

I was introduced to Amicone by a lady that worked in the wine section at my local Whole Foods. She loved her job and routinely tried the wines so she could tell her customers about them. She no longer works there and I miss her. This lady loved her job and it showed. She really put me on to some amazing wines.

One wine that was introduced to me was Amicone. It’s a smooth, every day red. You don’t have to pair it with anything. I know people think, “Red – steak,” and normally, they’d be right. But not this one. It’s too light for that. This is a “juicy” wine, bursting with notes of raspberries and cherries. That’s not to say this is sweet, because it isn’t.

This is a wine that can be enjoyed on its own. Pair it with life. But if you must pair it with food, keep it to things that have a smokey flavor, like grilled meat.

Amicone is a great wine to have on hand, should you have anyone stop by or you just want something smooth and red after a long day.

I think this wine is mostly found at Whole Foods. I have yet to see it anywhere else. Amicone is typically under $20, with it being $13-$17 most of the time.

So try it and let me know what you think!