In Love With LVE

True love.

Every time you turn around, some celebrity is putting their name on a wine bottle. Everyone has a wine these days. So when I saw that John Legend had one too, I rolled my eyes, thinking he was just another one jumping aboard an obviously lucrative train.

It was at the aforementioned wine gathering that I was offered John Legend’s sparkling rose. I want to take a moment to tell you that I had full confidence in Legend and his rose. His wife, Chrissy, doesn’t seem the type to let him put out some shit. If it tasted bad, I imagine her telling him, “Babe, this tastes like backwash. Try again. This won’t do.” Behind every successful man is an amazing woman who calls him on his shit.

I have a thing for sparkling anything. Bubbles make me feel luxurious. This was no different. Right off the bat, I noticed that it wasn’t a light rose. It was a deeper peachy-pink compared to the other wines that were on the table. I took this as a good sign.

On the nose, it’s refreshing and sweet, maybe giving you notes of berries. You almost think the wine itself will be sweet. Thankfully, it’s not. It is bright, with a slight citrus note that makes this a winner for the summer heat. This sparkling rose is one that you can enjoy alone, but certainly has the heft to be paired with cheese and charcuterie.

I went back to the tasting table several times and I know I had to have finished at least half a bottle of this by myself. It’s that good! Even with all that I had, there was no headache. It was just a really smooth, delightful experience.

The best thing about this wine, besides the taste – it’s only $20. Affordable luxury. You have NO reason not to try it. The website doesn’t ship to every state, but check with your local Total Wine and see if they can get it for you.