The Wine That Gave Me the Blues

No, that’s not toilet water.

This past weekend, I went to a wine gathering of sorts. I won’t call it a festival, because it wasn’t that. That’s a story for cocktails when we can all get together again.

This shindig was supposed to highlight black-owned wines. I have personally been on a quest to try more, so I was genuinely excited for just about all of the wines.

One wine that stands out is a blue wine. Yes, you read that correctly, BLUE. Like smurfs. It was called Amour Geneve. I saw it and couldn’t imagine it tasting like anything other than a corner store quarter water. That . . . would have been an improvement on what it DID taste like.

It was supposed to taste like a white wine. You know – light, crisp, great on a hot day. Good with fish or chicken – all the things you come to expect of a white wine. So I took a sip. It was like a VERY bad white wine. At this point, I was convinced that my opinion was based on it looking like 2000 Flushes. I closed my eyes and tried again, this time imagining a wheat-colored wine. NOPE. Still bad. All bad. And now my tongue was a freaky shade of blue. A scarlet letter to let everyone know I had imbibed in the blue swill.

I know they say this blueness is naturally occurring, but it looked very unnatural. And the taste was overly bitter and had no complexity at all. I can’t think of anything I’d pair this with. Because typically if I don’t like a wine by itself, I think, “Well, if I pair it with . . . .” and then my mind starts conjuring recipes. There’s nothing that would save this wine. All in all, I’d say skip this one. If you just want something blue, get Boone’s Farm.